The Hosts



Juan has grown up watching movie since he was a baby Juan. He has studied film, earning his degree in the field and has deep knowledge of the history of film and film making. As the main host he tries to dissect the film from a movie buff’s perspective. 

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Adrien's first memories are of watching Ghostbusters, Wayne's World, Jurassic Park, and the Christopher Reeve Supermans.  This podcast is a healthy outlet for him to talk about all the movies he's seen... instead of rambling endlessly about them to his friends who may or may not care. In his free time, Adrien likes to watch movies. Duh. In his professional life, Adrien is an intergalactic bounty hunter.



As the female voice on CineSight, she strives to bring her loves of science and nerd culture to the movie analyses. When she's not busy working at her job as a forensic biologist, Sami enjoys cooking and playing Breath of the Wild. Her favorite movie genre is science-fiction, and her favorite puppy breed is all big doggos.



Before embarking on this CineSight adventure, Chris saw movies as nothing more than a source of entertainment. His view points could be considered that of the average movie watcher, and that's what you can expect him to bring to the discussion. When he's not watching movies, he likes to play with his dogs and enjoy the outdoors.