The Best Films of 2018... So Far


  1. First Reformed

  2. Sorry to Bother You

  3. Mission Impossible: Fallout

First Reformed.jpg

Out of all the movies we’ve seen so far in 2018, the ones that forced me to think the most have left the greatest impact (except for Annihilation, which made my head hurt in an uncomfortable way). Ethan Hawke delivered a career-high performance in First Reformed, and I couldn’t get that ending sequence out of my brain. Sorry to Bother You was such a crazy, deep and multi-layered ride that I have to give Boots Riley props. And as a sucker for good action flicks, MI6 hit every correct note for me. There were a lot of sub-par action films in the spring (see our Luke’s Warm Hotdog reviews of Rampage, Tomb Raider, Ready Player One) - and I’m glad July brought us a truly fun romp.

Honorable Mentions: Hereditary, Black Panther




  1. Mission Impossible: Fallout

  2. Sorry to Bother You

  3. Annihilation


My picks aren’t in a particular order because they’re such different types of films, although I might say that Annihilation and Sorry to Bother You are actually foils. Sorry to Bother You is about existence in the sense of meaning and finding your way in a world with too many complications, and Annihilation is about existence but in a more philosophical way: what is existence? When do you consider a being conscious? Both of these films left me in a state of contemplation afterward.

I liked Fallout a lot because it was an expertly made action movie, plain and simple. Sometimes I just like when things blow up, okay? Though it sounds conceptually simple, so many action movies don’t know how to properly execute and film stunts and action set pieces, so it’s a relief when someone finally does it well.




  1. Mission Impossible: Fallout

  2. You Were Never Really Here

  3. First Reformed


The first half of 2018 has been filled with blockbusters coming out almost every weekend since February. In-between all of those blockbusters is where the true magic appeared for me. Ultimately what it comes down to, for me, when it comes to picking my favorite movies of the year so far is “What left me wanting more?” Ambiguous endings were a major player for me in deciding on First Reformed and You Were Never Really Here. The ability of a film to give the viewer final say in the ending’s interpretation works wonders in how a film connects and overall gives me that resonating attachment that keeps me coming back. Then again, nothing in 2018 has given me excitement like Tom Cruise performing a Halo jump.

Honorable mentions: Hereditary, Annihilation and Black Panther


  1. Hearts Beat Loud

  2. Black Panther

  3. Sorry To Bother You



My criteria for judging a movie isn’t very complicated. It basically boils down to “did I enjoy watching it the first time and would I watch it again?” We’re just over halfway through this year, and I’ve enjoyed plenty of movies. But it really wasn’t that hard to narrow it down to three (these are in no particular order). Black Panther was a refreshing change from the Marvel movies of the past several years and I very much enjoyed watching it. It had all the good things of a superhero movie, without having to watch Iron Man and Captain America for the millionth time. Sorry To Bother You was a film I thought I would like as soon as I saw the trailer. But I thought I would like it for different reasons than I did. The storyline took a few risky turns, but it all worked out and came together as a weird comedic/fantasy/sci-fi film like I’ve never seen before. I may have been a bit biased due to my love for Nick Offerman, but Hearts Beat Loud was a wonderful look at real life. It told the story of a parent trying to connect with a child, all while yearning for the past. It explored the difficulty of having to choose between the safe option and the possibly more adventurous option. The ending makes the film feel very relatable.