2018 Summer Preview

Summer has become less important for the box office “blockbuster” now that Disney properties have a grip on the release calendar. With Disney getting their fingers in a little bit of everything, it’s easy to find something for literally everyone. This summer, we’re getting more superheroes, Star Wars (for the first time ever) and a whole lot of weird films. Us here at Cinesight are obviously excited for the latter and we’ll make sure to separate the good films from the crud. It’s also going to seem like an impossible task for any film that comes out this year to be more successful than Marvel’s duo of “Black Panther” and “Infinity War”. For the horror genre, it’ll have to beat the success of “A Quiet Place” and try to live up to the excitement stirred up from last years “Get Out”. So here it is: our preview of what to see this summer when you want to escape the heat.

Terminal - Vaughn Stein - May 18

First time Writer/Director Vaughn Stein managed to wrangle up a great cast, including pulling Mike Myers back on the big screen for the first time since he appeared in 2009’s Inglorious Basterds. Aesthetically, the film looks very interesting and we’re very intrigued to see Margot Robbie back after her Oscar-nominated role as Tonya Harding in last year’s “I,Tonya”. It’ll be interesting to see if a small budget film with star power can make any kind of buzz in the small-market theater.

Deadpool 2 - David Leitch - May 17

The original Deadpool, directed by Tim Miller, somehow managed to escape the superhero fatigue that had started to become clear in 2016 by being the most self-aware superhero film ever made. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the movie is just laugh-out-loud funny from beginning to end. This time a little kid is brought into the story, there’s a superhero group formed and Josh Brolin plays another superhero villain. The only question that we can really ask is, can DP 2 maintain the same humor as the first without seeming forced and can Brolin become the greatest villainous actor since Eric Roberts? This time directing is the “Atomic Blonde”dir. David Leitch - so we’ll see if he can bring something new to the table.

First Reformed - Paul Schrader - May 18

Not to set expectations too high or anything, but First Reformed was written and directed by the same man that wrote two of Scorsese’s Masterpieces: “Taxi Driver” and “Raging Bull”. Needless to say, the film will be on numerous critic’s radars with talent like Ethan Hawke and Amanda Seyfried. First Reformed may be one of the many projects joining the pedigree of great independent films from A24.

Solo:A Star Wars Story - Ron Howard - May 25

There are numerous aspects of this Star Wars film that have caught the eye of the general public, most of which don’t involve the movie’s plot. Drama away from the movie set will surely be blamed in the event the movie doesn’t stick with the finicky fan base. There’s enough great talent in the movie to make this a safe film from Disney’s point of view. Whether it adds anything to the Star Wars canon is another discussion altogether.

Hereditary - Ari Aster-June 8

It’s safe to say that the horror movie genre is in some kind of renaissance with all of the great content that is being put out on the independent circuit, and “Hereditary” seems to be no exception to the movement. Another first time Writer/Director, Ari Aster, is teaming up with A24 for a horror film that’s sure to give everyone unsettled emotions walking out of the theater. Toni Collete heads a cast that looks to conjure up some psychological, mind-numbing thrills that we just love here at Cinesight. Based on early test screenings and some festival screenings, Hereditary is the scariest movie EVER. Get the word of mouth going for it now and I’m sure we’ll have a huge film that everyone will be talking about.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor - Morgan Neville - June 8

Fred Rogers essentially helped raise every kid that grew up between 1963-2001. Everything about that statement could suggest that his show was very safe, but in fact the show dared to go places that the public might not have been completely ready for. It’s amazing to see the things that can be done when basic human emotion is displayed. In this documentary about the incredible show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, viewers may leave feeling like terrible people in comparison to the saintly man being discussed throughout the feature.

Under the Silver Lake - David Robert Mitchell - June 22

David Robert Mitchell returns to follow up his modern-day horror masterpiece, “It Follows”, with this crazy trip of a film that looks as if Inherent Vice was on drugs and trapped in a maze. Andrew Garfield plays a young man who follows a series of clues and mysterious symbols that could possibly mean something, or judging by the trailer, could mean nothing as well. In any case, it’s sure to be one heck of a ride to find out the mystery.

Sicario:Day of the Soldado - Stefano Sollima - June 29

It’s going to be interesting to see if this sequel can work, considering that Denis Villeneuve isn’t on the director chair and Emily Blunt isn’t reprising her role. On the bright side, Brolin and Del Toro are back and Taylor Sheridan also returns to write the script for this film and those three might just be enough to make this a viable sequel. Whether or not this story sticks is the real question but the characteristic hard-hitting action seems to be present again.

Eighth Grade - Bo Burnham - July 13

One of the most surprising stories in independent circles this year was Eighth Grade stealing Cinemacon and its audience’s hearts. The film, a delicately told story involving eighth grade girls, comes (strangely) from Bo Burnham. The story follows middle schooler Kayla, played by Elsie Fisher, as she tries to find her place in a world that rejects her both digitally and realistically. This one has all of the same vibes that came from last year’s “Lady Bird”, along with a similar gravitas.

BlacKKKlansman - Spike Lee - August 10

One of the cinema masters of the last 30 years is back after taking a few years off, and Spike Lee is ready to come out swinging. BlacKKKlansman tells the story of Ron Stallworth, who is an African-American police officer from Colorado. He successfully manages to infiltrate the KKK and become the head of the local chapter. The film stars John David Washington and  features Adam Driver along with Topher Grace as David Duke. This film has all the makings of something that will surely bring us into the Oscar watch season.